Sindhi Directory 2017, Online Application Form

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Online Application Centre for the 2017 Sindhi Directory!

Rolled out once every 5 years, the primary aim of the Directory has been to promote brotherhood & fellowship amongst the Sindhi Brethren by publishing the latest addresses and other useful information. The information furnished in the Directory is used to facilitate regular communication about the community, such as its Cultural, Social, Religious & Incidental activities, thus bringing the Sindhi Community closer.

We've added a few more fields this time, based on feedback received and do believe that you will find it useful and non-intrusive. Also, in keeping with the Internet Age, we've partnered with Marching Ants, a Digital Agency headed by someone from our community to maintain an online version of the same as well.

We do sincerely hope you will see value in our efforts & join/update your contact information with us. Don't forget to please spread the word amongst our brethren, so we could include as many members as possible & build a strong and well-connected network.

Note: Your listing in the Directory is free, so please fill out the online form with all the relevant details requested and save it, so that the information could be used towards the forthcoming edition.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Aashish Amarlall

Shamsunder K. Chawla
Chairman - Directory Sub-Committee


10/7, Kumara Krupa Road, High Grounds, Banglore - 560 001
[email protected]